Saturday, January 17, 2009

Canine IS; Canine ISN'T

It has been a difficult day. One in which at this point, I need time to sit down and think. I have made up my mind to post about what canine is and isn't for me. It's more poetry, and symbolic than anything.

Canine is both a leader and a follower. He chooses a role. Sometimes submissive, sometimes dominant, he is loyal to his friends. Pack oriented, strong willed and obedient sometimes at the same time, canine rarely lets anyone down, even the "wrong" people. Canine is possessiveness, of food, of family, and of friends. He is territorial, and a guardian. Canine is a fighter, for territory, and is not afraid to stand up for himself. Where he lives is sacred, and he never litters where he will sleep. Canine is a sense of smell. Canine can smell food, sickness, and death. Canine is love.

Canine is NOT too proud. Canine is not alone. Canine never hates, but only protects.


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