Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sleepless in Chicago

Please excuse the movie reference. :P 

It seems I'm having another sleepless night.  I suffer from insomnia lately, and sometimes it can get very irritating. Oddly, though, tonight I seem to be enjoying myself. The quiet is nice. My roomate is long since asleep, and I'm somewhat at peace, myself. 

I've been rereading Silverwing, since I remember little of it now. It was so long ago that I read that book, and due to my recent obsession, seems I must read it again! I've gotten three chapters done tonight, and I plan on reading more of the book, if the insomnia persists.

*Listens to the roomate snoring in the background* 

Many people claim they sometimes can't sleep, but I don't think that they've entirely experienced insomnia. Not like some people, including myself, that is. It's very clear that my roomate can sleep perfectly well, even under loud, distracting conditions. He's always advised me to stay calm when I can't sleep, because I have a tendency to panic. Interestingly, I'm not panicked at all right now. I just have a feeling that roomy will not be too happy when he finds out that I went most of, if not the entire night without sleep. He will scold me, and tell me that I should come and talk to him, but frankly, right now I don't care. I'm just enjoying the night, knowing full well I'll be exhausted tomorrow. :)

With love,


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